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Clean Master Apk: Download Cleanmaster.apk Latest Version

Clean Master Apk

Clean Master Apk

Clean Master Apk is an amazing app to enhance performance of your Android devices. It detects and wipes away junk files in your device and enhances its memory. Clean Master is speed booster app designed by Chinese company Cheetah Mobile which rapidly became the most reliable app for Android devices. This post will help you to download Clean Master Apk to Android phones and tablets. Its wonderful qualities are listed and elaborated here to enable you to give the best security to your smart phones. What can be more wonderful than having an app which frees up blocked memory cleans up junk files and optimizes speed of the device and protects it from malicious apps. It also comes up with other useful feature like background app, task manager, mobile temperature. Besides that you can also take advantage of latest news offered by them, notification, app locker and several other inbuilt functions. They have a windows counterpart as well. You can download clean master for PC as well.

Get prep up to download world’s most downloaded Android cleaner for your valuable android devices. Clean master apk is available for the download those who are looking to install it directly. The main and most significant function of this app is to clean up your device by deleting the junk files. It automatically notifies you to clean up the junk files. Whenever you install any app or program to your device, it brings in many temporary files. Clean Master app detects and deletes this cached and residual files from your device without affecting the execution of applications. It accurately removes only the junk files and boost up the memory of your device. You can play games like ClashRoyal or HayDay very smoothly after installing this apk.  Clean master apk can also be downloaded from the Google play store other leading apk download website.

 Clean Master Apk

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Highlights of Clean Master Apk

Following features of this app (clean master apk) will self-explain why this wonderful app is being downloaded and used by millions of people!

  1. Free app for Android devices – This wonderful app is available at Google App store for free.
  2. Simple and Fast – it’s the very first most simple phone booster cum scanning tool for your Android devices. The app is extremely rapid in cleaning out the junk and other actions. It is hundreds of times faster than other antivirus apps.
  3. Accurate cleaning of junk files – Efficiently detects junk created on your device by other apps and removes only the residual files with 100% accuracy. It updates you of the blocked memory on your home screen and you just need to give a single tap to clean up your device.
  4. Well Managed App – All files will be displayed in list and you can select the files which you want to be deleted. Clean master also informs you of any shared file to avoid its deletion.
  5. Memory Booster – Freeing up space by deleting temporary residual files enhances space on your device. Optimize performance of your SD card and your device memory. This ultimately boost up the speed of your games and apps.
  6. CPU Cooler – Prevents excessive warming of device, battery wastage. It also calculates CPU used by apps on your phone or tablets.
  7. Serves as an Anti-Virus tool – This is the best scanner and anti-virus you can have free for your smart phones. It scans and keep the gadget safe from adware, spyware, malware and other risks of viruses.
  8. Controls Your Apps – it uninstalls the unwanted apps from your devices.

download Clean Master Apk

The optimizing app has a wonderful way of working.The mentioned features work accurately so you can rely upon the application and get the best out of it for your devices. It accurately notifies you of above troubles and performs it once you give an accepting tap. One click booster gives your device an instant boost. This is the reason why clean master apk is more recommended if your mobile has become sluggish off late. Whatsapp, Viber and other app users will also find it useful as it offers an option to wipe out the resources used by them. You can share apk files using xender for PC file on PC as well as android devices.

Clean master apk can also detect duplicate photos and identify blurred images so you can select the best image and save your mobile space from other troubles.

How to Install Clean Master Apk

Want to download clean master apk? Learn how you can easily get clean master apk app for free. Click the below link and download for free:

  • Download Clean Master Apk from Google Play Store

With above link, you will be downloading it from Google Play Store. Install it on your phones or tablets just within few moments.

Get the clean master apk right away and keep your Android smart phones well performed and secured. Save your mobiles with multi-purpose memory booster app. With Clean Master apk on your phones, you don’t have to spend anything for its security and scanning. Once you download Clean Master Apk on your android phones, you will feel the freedom of enjoying your apps and games with great comfort and speed. Do let us have your views if you are using this app now. Check out some more useful Android apk at our blog.Enjoy the best out of your device using this application.

Download TowelRoot Apk Latest Version for Android

TowelRoot Apk

Now rooting your Android devices is not a tough nut to crack. You can download Towelroot Apk V3 Latest version in few seconds. Download it from information shared in this page and root android devices with minimum efforts. No need of any technical guidelines to follow as you install Towelroot apk for android. Rooting a device is not a cup of tea for all but you can use the below steps and root your device without any technical knowledge. Use the links we have given to download this awesome app. In addition, this post also provides you some useful tips and information regarding Towelroot apk. It is a very simple standalone app to root your Android smartphones just with a click. You do not need to use PC to root your devices when you are using this app. Also know how to download 360 root APK for android.

towelroot apk

Before you download and install Towelroot apk, let’s discuss rooting in brief. Just for those who are not aware; rooting refers to unlocking the phone. Every device comes with its legal restrictions. Rooting is the process of achieving root access to a device. It is generally performed on Android smartphones and tablets. But it is also possible for other devices such as Linux based. Unlocking allows user to derive maximum potential which is not possible with its legal restrictions. Rooted smartphones allows to remove the manufacturer’s restrictions. You have greater freedom to do whatever you want to on your phones after bypassing manufacturer’s restrictions.  You can gain access to awesome apps which are not available in Google Playstore. Also you can use every memory spot available in your phone by deleting the apps which are preinstalled and cant be removed without root. Rooted smartphone can easily install android apks without much hassle. Also after rooting your device you can install custom roms and apply various patches using LuckyPatcher application to disable licensing , remove unwanted ads and hack games to buy resources for free.

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towelroot apk download

How to Download and Install Towerlroot Apk for Android

Follow the below steps to download and install towelroot apk. Please note if you get a warning message similar to “this .apk file could damage your device”; ignore the message. Keep going on with downloading it. Also save all your data before rooting process.

  1. First of all download towelroot .apk file. You can also download from its official website. We have given the links to download it. If you are downloading it from its official site, click on the lambda to download the .apk file.
  1. Go to Settings < Security < Enable Unknown Sources in your smartphones.
  2. Install the .apk file on your devices.
  3. Click on Open once it is installed.
  4. Open Towelroot app and click on the button showing Make it Ra1n. Just wait for few seconds to get rooting process complete.
  5. Click on below link and download SuperSu app. SuperSu app will manage permissions by tracking apps to which you have granted permissions.

The next step is the final one where you will just verify if you phone is rooted or no. Follow the next step as given further to check root status. In case if you have managed to do that you can easily use Towelroot apk file. There are different versions available. Though we recommend latest version, if you wish you can download Towelroot V1 apk, Towelroot V2 apk. After it is installed you can also hack the games using SBgamehacker Application. In addition to that, it is highly recommended that you install Vidmate apk.

How to Check Root Status of Towelroot Apk with Root Checker App

If you have successfully followed each of the above step, you must have received success message. Still you can verify that your device is rooted or no by using the Root Checker app. Click on the below link and install it on your device. Once you run it on your device it will display your root status. It is available at Google Play for free.

This completes a thorough process of downloading Towelroot apk, rooting your android device and checking root status. Once you get the root access you can enjoy the world of using the mobile like never before.


No doubt Rooting offers you freedom of utilizing your device boundlessly. However it may harm your devices. In the worst case, you may end up bricking up your phone or tablet making it unusable. Hence if you are rooting your device, do it at your own risk as it violates warranty and may nullify the warranty of your device. If you are agreed to let go the risks, do proceed.

In any such case, we recommend you to unroot it before you take it to the manufacturer. As you root your device with Android rooting software, you can use it to unroot it and restore factory settings. Once you unroot the device the warranty of phone is not void.

We also recommend you to use the latest versions as updated by developers with time. Currently you download Version 3.0 which will root any Android 4.4 device. In case you have any doubt or issue, you can report and get help at this official XDA Developers Thread for Towelroot.


There are many other apps available to root your Android device like Kingroot and Rootgenius. Towelroot apk is the best as it has very high success ratio for Android devices. Any android device running kitkat is compatible to work for Towelroot apk. Besides Galaxy, this app is tested to work on Nokia X units and many other different manufacturers. So definitely try this app, you can also try z4root application.

However, we would like to know if you have successfully downloaded Towelroot Apk App to your Android devices. Let us have your views on using it through the comment box. Hope you will have fun with lots of useful apps with your rooted devices. Appsverge will soon cover rooting apps for Android and iOS platform users. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information.

Viber for PC: Download Viber for Free on Windows 10/ 7/ 8/ Mac

viber for pc

Viber for PC Download

Viber is a social app that helps to connect to people and is developed by Viber media. Viber has been considered as an arch rival of Whatsapp and other messenger. Viber for PC is available but similar to Whatsapp, you can use viber on PC using emulator for Android devices. Its functioning is similar to other apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. It is an advanced and cross platform app which is available for free. It provides support to all the operating system platforms. Viber can be used to receive and send unlimited tests, video messages, images and video and phone calls absolutely free of cost. It provides a tough competition to all most popular cross device platform messaging service. In fact, it is one of the highest downloaded multi-platform messaging application. It comes with a plethora of features and it way ahead of other competitive apps. Perhaps, this is the reason why Viber for PC is one of the highest searched search term. Let’s explore some of the key features of the app.

Features of Viber for PC

viber for pc

One of the greatest features of Viber is that it helps in unlimited sending and receiving text messages. There are lots of stickers and emoticons associated with it and this app provides full support for group conversion worldwide. Customization is possible in Viber and lots of playful stickers can be downloaded from the sticker market and these can be sent to friends to express your emotions. Viber has app available for all major platforms. Viber for PC i.e. Windows, Mac and Linux is available separately. There is also a dedicated mobile app available for all major mobile platforms. In fact, this is the reason why millions of people use this app. Viber for Pc and mobile can be easily synced making it very easy for the users to keep track of everything.

Also it is possible to do audio calls with HD sound quality absolutely free of costs over Wi-Fi connections and 3G/4G. Group messages can be created and video calls can be supported with up to 100 contacts. New messages are notified and even if the Viber is off, the feature of push notification is there which does not allow you to miss any messages or calls. It is possible to view the chats of celebrities, popular brands, personalities and can even follow public chats.

The interface of the app is user friendly and just by a click it is possible to view contact list, call history and many more. If you are using Viber, your phone number is your ID. The contacts in your contact list that are using Viber are detected automatically as the app synchronized with the contact list.

Chatting on Viber can be done in many languages and there is an option to change the language settings. In the updated version, lots of new features are added so as to improve the functionality of the app. Like a new one is doodle feature with which drawings can be created by user from scratch or graffiti over the photos and these can be shared with their friends. The controls and commands of this app are easy by which free calls can be made with excellent clarity.

  • Free text messaging, voice calling, photo messages and location-sharing with other viber users
  • Instantly integrates with your own contact list
  • Best-quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi
  • Easily sync contacts with Windows, Mac and Linux OS
  • Transfer call from Viber for PC to Viber for mobile
  • Free HD video calls (data charges may apply from the network)
  • Block unwanted numbers
  • Stickers and emoticon gallery to make the conversation interesting
  • Smart notification
  • Connect with twitter and Facebook

Overall, Viber for PC is a much needed software needed by most. There are tons of emojis available to make the conversation interesting. They also have a doodle photo option to add doodle to a photo. Unfortunately, not all the features of mobile apps are available on PC version. Probably, this is the reason why you want to get viber for PC in a different way. You can install viber for PC (Android app).

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viber android

Download Viber for PC (Android App)

Viber is in great demands these days but there is no official release of this app for download Viber on PC. But still it can be downloaded by using an Android emulator like Bluestacks. As mentioned before, you can use viber for PC using Android apk file and an emulator like Bluestacks, Andyroid, Nox app player or other.

  1. First step is to download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. There is a search button in the software. Write “Viber” in it and click on Enter button.
  3. There would be many results and you have to select the correct one.
  4. This will redirect you to the Google Play Store and now click on the installation button which will begin the downloading process.
  5. Now, you are set to use this splendid app for sending unlimited text messages.

That’s it! By following above guide, you can use android app on your Windows PC. The same guide can be also followed by a Mac user. They can use Andyroid emulator for the same purpose. Viber apk can also be shared through Xender app for PC as well as Shareit app for Windows PC if you feel like sharing this awesome app with your friend.

viber for pc

Viber for PC Installer

Probably, this is a better option if you want to get Viber for PC. Unlike other messaging app, Viber has a dedicated version for Windows. You can download viber for PC installer and install the app on your Windows powered PC like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and others. Following are some of the features of viber for PC app.

  • Make free calls to other Viber users
  • Best-quality HD voice calls
  • Make a video call to other viber user
  • Text messages and stickers or emojis
  • Full sync between your mobile and Windows
  • Transfer ongoing calls between multiple devices

Download Viber

Viber for PC is available for Windows, Mac and Linux version. The developer has covered pretty much everything. Unfortunately, the Pc version app is not updated much but it still has best features available. Kindly, go through Viber for PC/ desktop video to know more about it.

Overall, Viber is one of the best messaging app available for multi platform.In latest app Group Likes is introduced feature that permits users to love friends’ vibes. There’s additionally a brand new ability to support text messages up to 7,000 characters ,a new upgrade on the video message experience; Public Chats feature has currently been introduced to android tablets. Also forwarding Public Chats messages has additionally been introduced, that allows users to exchange content with less strain. If you are looking for a good alternative of Whatsapp, WeChat and other app, then this is probably this best option you have got. Viber for PC can really help you to make your conversation interesting. Moreover, you can also transfer the on-going call between devices which is a rare feature.

Have you enjoyed using Viber for PC? If you had any problem following our tutorial then do let us know in the comment section below. Our team will guide you through entire process. Make sure you follow appsverge for more guides like viber for PC.

Snapseed for PC: Download Free Snapseed on Windows 7/ 8/ 10 PC

Snapseed for windows PC

Snapseed for PC

Snapseed for PC is relatively a new app in the world of photo editing apps. However, it has quickly gained popularity. In the new era of modern world, you can’t live without clicking picture or selfie also. You can timely update your profile with your pictures of your best moments. You spend lots of time for making as that you are star or celeb. Now Smartphone and pictures have became the essential part of our life. Snapseed for PC is the photo application that will come for the entire social users who interact with each other at the same platform to share views. It is a very good alternative of an app like Instagram or Cymera. Of course, instagram has a different purpose. With the Snapseed you can edit the pictures, add effect on that part which you want. Snapseed will make the picture is too good as not in real life. Now Snapseed is available on play store also for making the purpose of editing and take lots of fun. Learn how to get snapseed for PC with appsverge and enjoy all the features on Windows PC as well.

Snapseed for PC

Features of Snapseed for PC

There are lots of features we can’t count how many it is. But let us explore some of the top features of snapseed for PC app.

  • Filters can be added for environment provide by this feature given under the option part to your image.
  • Availability of borders for making some stylish and grand also and choose as per user hope.
  • Blur images can be recovered and make focus means zooming at any part of the picture which you have want.
  • To view an image from different angle, that we never can’t see with normal picture.
  • You can share the images from Snapseed for pc on networking sites as well.
  • Availability of auto correct tool, which makes some adjustments in the picture.

You can and add text with picture also or writing on any picture to make more pretty or sweet. You can change the old picture as you capture from your own same or different devices like phones, laptops or cameras edit them. Perhaps, Snapseed for PC offers tons of additional filters and photo editing options that you will not find on any other app. In fact, this is the reason why snapseed for Pc is highly recommended especially if you are a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 users. Later the photos can be transferred to other users using app like Shareit or xender for PC.

Snapseed for windows PC

How to get Snapseed for MAC

On your MAC Operating System, You should have an emulator for downloading Snapseed. In that case for Apple devices the best emulator is “Andyroid”. There are some good alternative Android emulators are available like nox app player, Bluestacks etc but for the illustration purpose, we will stick to the Andyroid emulator. You can install Snapseed for Mac PC with the given steps which are given as follows:

  • The process is start with downloading and installing Andyroid.
  • In the next step you need to search for Snapseed on your own emulator.
  • Then you have to give the location of that application where you have to store it.
  • In the next step download it.
  • And then install it.
  • Finally, you can edit your pictures on Snapseed.

Hopefully, you have managed to follow the guide. Have you managed to install Snapseed on Mac? If you are a Windows PC user then following guide to install and download snapseed for PC should come in handy.

How to get Snapseed for PC (Windows 7 / 8 / 10)

You can use the Snapseed for PC as well as laptop with the help of the emulator i.e. a virtual environment who works same as an Android Phones also. In this scenario, we will be using Bluestacks android emulator to Install Snapseed for PC. To complete the tasks you need to:

  • Download a Bluestack Application on your PC first.
  • It will take much time but works correctly.
  • Install it and then the emulator will create your PC.
  • Installation will take (20-25) minutes till wait.
  • Start the Bluestack Application and then search Snapseed in the Search box given at the top.
  • Download it on emulator and time to install it.
  • One you install this application then launch the application with the ion on your screen at the applications folder of Bluestack.
  • All tasks are complete.

SnapSpeed Latest Updates

A handful of enhancements are added. A latest Face tool lets the user look close in on faces and enrich the standard of skin or eyes. Another new one, added Perspective, will straighten lines to correct for perspective impact within the original image. And White Balance provides fine color balance adjustment which use an eye drop tool. You’ll will also be ready to set a JPG compression rate preference and save lossless (PNG) while exporting the file. One additional highlight in this revision is total for the RAW format on iOS. Mind you, the android version of Snapseed has had this support since last year; that may naturally be the case. thus if you’ve got an iOS device and are also a Snapseed user, you’ll currently be able to bring your RAW files in and use tools like detailing, Brush, Healing, HDR,text, and also the several others within the tool-set. Another photo editing application is Picsart apk.

From all of these given steps you can edit on pictures or photos easily or safely at smaller leaning process. With snapseed for PC, you can enjoy all the features of an android app on your Windows PC. Later, you can share your photos and pictures with your friends and family members through the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or even instagram. You can also download videos using OGyoutube apk or Snaptube apk.

Have you managed to download snapseed for PC and Mac? In case if you are not able to follow any of the above guide, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will be happily help you out. Enjoy snaping.

Telegram for PC: Download Telegram on Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7

telegram for PC

Telegram for PC

Telegram is the most popular messaging app which was released back in the year 2013. It was launched by founders of which is the most famous Russian social network. This app is free of cost and lots of people are using this on daily basis. It is a fast messaging app which is giving tough competition to WhatsApp. Telegram is light and its functionality is similar to that of WhatsApp. Fortunately, telegram for PC version is available for those who are looking to get it on their PC. Telegram for PC brings all the functionality of mobile app and adds few more features to it. Unlike, Whatsapp, it is not restricted. But the security and privacy of the app is much better. There are about 50 million active users of this app and 1 million users are registering this every week. This should be enough to get this app on your Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8 and Windows 7 PC.

telegram for PC

Features of Telegram for PC

Telegram is provided with its own Cloud Storage which stores all your data in the app server and so any data cannot be lost. It is a fast, reliable, secure and lightweight app. By this app, it is possible to create a group of  5000 members and broadcast messages can be sent to 100 contacts at a time. A far better limit compared to that of WhatsApp and many other messaging app. Let’s take a look at some of the features of telegram for PC app.

  • Portable and full versions are available
  • Compatible with Windows OS and Mac
  • All major mobile platform covered
  • Super groups with 500 members capability
  • Synchronize chat across multiple platforms
  • Encrypted messages to save from prying eyes
  • Send any kind of documents with attachment option
  • Destruct message with a time– time sensitive messages
  • Edit messages within 2 days of sending
  • API available for further development and enhancements
  • Share video/audio and files of upto 1.5GB each
  • No ads/ subscription fee
  • Thousands of Emoji/stickers and emoticons available

This app can be used to send unlimited number of video and audio files to all the contacts on your PC. You can even add emoticons and stickers along with the files. There is integration of the app with the social networking services like Twitter, Instagram and You Tube.

There is feature to edit the notification settings for each individual. So if any of your friends are sending many messages, you can mute them. Security and privacy is well maintained in this app. No secret chats options are there as they are not stored in the servers of the computer. There is two-factor authentication for the app so any unauthorized logins can be stopped by you by setting up an additional step. It is also possible to know all the devices or places from where the app has been logged in and stop individual sessions. If you utilize any online messaging app from WhatsApp to Facebook courier, WeChat or message, you may have old that sinking of getting sent a message you would like to take back – or a minimum of edit that awkward error out. Even when a message has been sent on the app, you’ll be able to edit on the fly. This works across all message chats, as well as teams and one-on-one conversations.The altered messages can have to a small degree “edited” tag next to them that tells individuals they have been changed which is possible when you use telegram for PC.

Telegram has a very good speed. All the videos and photos are sent instantly and immediately a batch of ten photos can be send. Uploading of videos and audios is also fast. Messages sync seamlessly across the devices and once a message has been read on the device, it is marked as read.Telegram has many alternative safety features, like “secret chats” that use end-to-end encoding and self-deleting messages. You can also use other applications for chatting and calling like Viber for PC.

Some of the advantages of Telegram are that it has useful notification customization options. Much focus is given on the security and speed of the app.

telegram for PC and Mac

Download Telegram for PC

It is possible to use the app on your PC by installing directly from Google Play Store but for this you need to have Bluestacks on your PC which is an Android Emulator. Although, there is a dedicated separate version of Telegram for PC (desktop) is available, we are providing a guide to install Android app on the PC/  which will help you to easily install the application on your PC.

  • First, download and install Bluestacks on PC.
  • Search box is present in Bluestacks. Open it.
  • Type ‘Telegram’ and click on Enter.
  • This will redirect you to Google Play Store.
  • Click on Telegram app to install.
  • Once it has been installed, go to All Apps menu of Bluestacks where you will see Telegram app.
  • Open it and enjoy free messaging with your friends free of cost.

This app has got some of the most advanced features with maximum privacy. Hopefully, you have started enjoying telegraph for PC app. In case, if you are interested in getting a dedicated version for your desktop, MAC then you can download them from the official website.

Telegram for PC/ Desktop Installer

As mentioned before telegram for PC as a standalone application is already available. You no longer need to download Bluestacks and install it through it. Telegram is cross platform compatible and hence it is available on all major platforms. So it will be very easy for you to access the app from various devices available. Watch movies on you devices from MovieHD app also watch videos from OGYoutube apk and Snapstube apk.

Telegram for Windows 10/8.1/8 PC

Download telegram for Windows PC from this link:

There is also a portable version available of the app in case if you are interested in getting it.

Telegraph for Mac is available from this link:

Since telegraph is now an open project the community keeps developing it. Recently, they have launched supergroups feature which has increased the limit of groups to 5000 instead of 1000. All the data are stored in the cloud and hence it is much faster compared to other app. It will be a great experience to you of using this application through laptops/PC by downloading telegram for PC. For more app you can go to our website

Framaroot Apk Download Latest Version for Android and PC

Framaroot APK download

Framaroot Apk

Lot of people are searching for rooting apps to unlock their devices. Rooting is done to get access to many awesome functionalities and apps out of Google Playstore. Recently this app is very famous as every user wishes to root their device easily and utilize high performance and extra feature on them. Rooting any device is not easy and every individual is not an expert to do it. So framaroot provides you an easy solution with one click rooting.We have shared here very useful information on Framaroot apk which is another best application to root your mobiles after Kingroot. This easy rooting app allows you to root your mobiles just with a single click without PC. Before you want to root your phone with this apk, do go through all facts and features of this apk. We have also included a short tutorial to download and install Framaroot app on Android. The reason for choosing Framaroot is that it is extremely easy to root and unroot your phones with this application. Read further to know how to install it and use it.This apk works on most of the android devices. You can also use towelroot or z4root apk.

Remember that Framaroot apk is not a permanent rooting apk. Its exploits have short life so that you devices will be less exposed to risk of other malicious applications. This exploits the security holes present in different devices. It includes different exploits know by different names like Gandalf, Legolas, The Lord of the Rings, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn, Pippin, Sam, Boromir, Legolas and Gimli. This app is compatible with most of the models of Motorola Droid, LG Optimus, Lenovo and Samsung Galaxy. You can check compatibility of your device at for different exploits. Download Framaroot apk only after checking the compatibility with your device. For a permanent rooting, it is recommended that you try Kingroot app.

Framaroot APK

How to Install Framaroot Apk on Android

First and first before you install Framaroot apk, enable the Unknown Sources in your mobile phones. Go to the Settings section and tap on Security. Turn on the Unknown Sources to allow other apps to get installed in your devices. Make sure you know the consequences of rooting your device. In worst case, you might end up bricking your device. It is therefore recommended that you understand the risk before downloading framaroot apk.

  1. Firstly check whether your device is compatible with frama root or not.
  2. Now download framaroot .apk file from official site to PC or directly to your android mobile using the below button.
  1. Once you download the .apk file, Now download the framaroot apk file from official site to your mobile or tablet.
  2. Open .apk file and choose Install. It will take few seconds to get installed.
  3. Choose Supersu and it will be installed.
  4. Then, click on the button for ‘Root’.
  5. You will see an icon for smiley J. This shows the download is successful.
  6. Reboot your device.
  7. Your device is successfully rooted.

We suggest you to refer to FAQ section at to cope with some normal issues you may face during the installation process. Keep checking the official website for the latest version of Framaroot APK file. In case, if you are not able to download the apk file, then inform us in the comment section and we will provide you a way to download Framaroot apk directly from the reliable source.

Framaroot APK download

Why Framaroot APK?

Framaroot is one of the best rooting applications with some quick and cool features. See below the advantages of this app:

  • A single click rooting apk which roots your device in few minutes
  • It supports very large number of handsets
  • Doesn’t require PC
  • Hassle free rooting with clear on-screen instructions
  • It is also very easy to unroot your device just with a single click.

In case if you select Gandalf exploit while installing, it may crash the app. No need to worry. You may relaunch Framaroot apk and it will work the second time. The latest version 1.9.3 has a feature of ‘Execute Script’. This allows you to custom script your phone if you fail to root your device with above normal process. You can download Framaroot apk from the below link as well. This is a latest and stable version 1.9.3.

Recommended Apps

After rooting your device, we recommend some of the following apps to get started


In spite of tons of privileges you can enjoy after rooting your phone, it has rooting risks. It may void your phone warranty. Hence, carry out rooting at your own risk. Do unroot your device in any case of any issue before you take it to the manufacturer.For latestupdates on rooting your device you may visit XDAforum.

As you saw, the above process is quite easy to follow. However if you face any problem with downloading Framaroot Apk to your android phones, leave your comments. Framaroot is becoming more popular to maximize potentials of phones and tablets. If you have successfully installed it, do share your experience with us. Do refer to other rooting apk download at Let us know if you are facing any problem while installing or downloading Framaroot apk file.

SnapTube Apk: Download Snaptube App APK for Free

SnapTube Apk

Snaptube Apk

Download the latest SnapTube apk, a YouTube downloader app for android, for free. It is an app very similar to vidmate or tubemate but has tons of more features. SnapTube is the most up to the minute tool that enables you to get any video from YouTube.To be true there are no methods available to get videos from youtube on your devices directly , though there are official methods like offline downloading but those videos will work only on same device. So snaptube provides you the facility to download videos and view it on number of devices. It is the quickest and convenient way of downloading your favorite videos from this huge online video platform. YouTube is full of all types of videos including tutorials, informative, entertainment and many other categories. Our post will guide you to download SnapTube.apk on Android smartphone. You will be able to get any video on your phone or tablet to watch it later. Snaptube apk is a simple app and available for free; no ads and no extra plugins.

Watching onlinevideos is not very convenient always. Sometimes buffering troubles you or sometimes internet access is not with you, especially while traveling. Once you download your favourite videos, you can watch it without internet in your leisure hour. While there are tons of applications available for Android, SnapTube is among few YouTube downloader like TubeMate. The crux lies in swiftness provided by this app for getting videos from Youtube. It also offers you best search feature to get type of videos you are looking for. IT is very much loved by the users throught the world and is used by millions of user. But as it is not available on playstore the users face difficulty. So we have provided you a basic pathway to install this application on your device. Movie freaks prefer an app like Playbox HD or Cinema box to watch and download all the latest movies, videos and TV shows.

SnapTube Apk

How to Download and Install SnapTube APK

SnapTube apk is not available at Google apps store due to its nature. Perhaps, this is the reason why we have provided a way to download snaptube apk file. Hence you need to download it from its official website. We have shared below the link to download SnapTube apk from the official website. Just click on the link and get it in your phone memory:

  1. Before you install the apk file on your phone or tablet, do remember to turn on the Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
    snaptube unblocking
  2. This will enable your device to install apps from sites other than Google Playstore.
  3. Click on below link and download Snap Tube: SnapTube download
  1. Run the apk file to install on your Android device.

Well, this SnapTube apk app is just 3.8Mb and hardly occupies any space on your devices. SnapTube is a simple but powerful video and music downloader which will run quite efficiently on your high as well low-end gadgets. You will be able to download unlimited videos of various qualities from 1080 pixel HD to 144 P without any plugin. A good alternative of the same is Movie HD apk which helps in downloading movie in all possible formats.

SnapTube Apk download

Download Music and Videos from YouTube with SnapTube apk

Here some more reasons why you should get SnapTube apk on your device. You can simply enter the search keyword in the app and find the video. After that yo can click the download button and get the video easily downloaded on you device.Below features will also show you how you can get your most entertaining videos from YouTube. You can also download videos from other multimedia sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion and Instagram. This app supports more than 18 multi media sites. Perhaps, this is the reason why we highly recommend getting SnapTube apk over other rivals. You have got plenty of options to download from. Moreover, YouTube is very strict with their content while other sites can help in getting whatever you want. Of course, we are against piracy and condemn any attempt of piracy. Do download SnapTube apk and use it at your own risk. Do not download movies, tv shows etc illegally. You can also use OGyoutube apk.

This app works well with low RAM devices too due to its convenient size. We reiterate; it does not have any ads and does not require any extra plugins. It allows you directly to get videos from multimedia sites into your music player. This absolutely makes SnapTube apk a cool app to have on phone. It automatically converts songs and videos to MP3, in case if you want to enjoy only the audio part. Also you can download the videos in various qualities ranging from 144 to 1080px quality.It allows you to choose from the options and formats of video and audio.Also you have option to save the videos directly to SD card which is very helpful if you have memory constraints. Since the application is having interface similar to YouTube, you will find it very friendly. SnapTube app apk gives you a catalogue with 11 subcategories including popular videos, most viewed videos, recommended videos etc. Just browse for your entertainment using the search bar. You can either download videos directly from SnapTube or can share videos from YouTube and other sites. If you want to use the beta version of the application than you can download it from the official website.The app is 100% safe and very easy to use.The most updated version also allow you to install Facebook or Instagram videos and also to manage your channel on YouTube. Isn’t it cool?

Share our post with your people to help them to download SnapTube apk on Android for easy watching of entertaining videos. However, if you are still facing any confusion in installing Snaptube app, do leave a comment. Keep on visiting us to know hottest apps for Androids.

Picsart for PC: Download & Install PicsArt on Windows 8/ 10/ 7

picsart for pc download

PicsArt for PC

PicsArt is an application who makes everyone a great artist. This photo studio app is a photo editor which has gained much popularity within short span of its launch. It is a free app which is one of the fastest growing photo artist social networks and galleries of artwork. This app is used by the users constantly for exploring their inner artist and discovering new ways. It is a powerful and amazing app which can be used to create lots of animated pictures, graphics, customization and many other things. It was launched for Android devices in the year 2011. PicsArt for PC is, unfortunately, not available. You can not enjoy all the filters and features of the android app on PC. The downloads of this app is increasing each day and there are about 175 million downloads till date. In the Google Play Store, it has got 4.7 ranking. There is a similar app like this shared before. Snapseed offers tons of more features and options if you are looking for a better alternative. PicsArt for PC will provide you same experience albeit on a larger screen. You can take collage images, edit photos, apply filter and do much more with them.

PicsArt for PC

Features of PicsArt for PC

Lets have a look at the features of picsart for PC. PicsArt has got the feature of drawing tool which is actually very handy and amazing. This tool can be used to draw any kind of graphical figures of your choice. This app has a photo editor as well which can do customization on the pictures which are saved on your device. The customization has no limits. You can add frames, special effects, clip arts and many other things on the pictures. These all options enhance the quality of your work.

Recommended Entertainment Apps

  1. SnapTube apk
  2. Vidmate for PC
  3. Tubemate for PC

The picture which you are creating can make use of various tools like brushes, different text styles, callouts, layers, stickers etc. Friends can be send pictures via emails or SMS easily with this app. Within the app, there is provision to keep your personal art galleries which can be shared through social networks with the entire world.

The android device of yours must be having the camera app and this can be used to apply live effects on the pictures. So the PicsArt becomes even more useful. This application is pretty much simple to use and too sleek on its way.

There is a Snap editor within the app which makes it thoroughly customizable. This makes you to tweak with your snap on the device as much as possible. PicsArt is a thoroughly user-friendly application. Overall, picsart for PC is a very unique app for all your photo editing related needs. In addition to that, you can even take a look at some of the best photo collage maker apps as well. There are many good photo editing apps cum collage maker apps available for Android, iOS and Windows device.

How to get PicsArt for PC [Bluestacks]?

PicsArt which is one of the most used photo editing application in the present day is available easily for the mobile users but there is no straight forward method for having this app on PC. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t have this on your PC. It is possible to have PicsArt on your PC as well by making use of an Android Emulator which helps in running android games and apps on PC. There are lots of options available in this context but the safest and most common used emulator is Bluestacks. Learn how to get picsart for PC using the Bluestacks emulator.

  • First step is to download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Once it is done, open the software and search for PicsArt app.
  • When you get the icon of the app in the search result, hit the install option available.
  • Installation of the application can take some time so be patient.

This is all that is required to have this wonderful app on your PC. Hopefully, you have managed to download and install picsart for PC. You can enjoy unlimited photo editing with this. Since there is a huge space available on the PC, you do not have to worry about the space issue like mobile. There are some good alternatives available in form of paid app, but we highly recommend getting picsart for PC.

picsart for pc download

Download PicsArt for PC (Windows 8/ 10)

There is a good news for the lovers of PicsArt for PC. A dedicated and separate version of PicsArt for PC is already available on the Windows store. You can download the application for free from there. It has all the photo editing features and filers available for the photography lovers.

Download PicsArt from Windows store:

Let us know if you are having trouble getting picsart for PC. Our expert team will guide you through the entire process as well.

Tubemate for PC: Download Free TubeMate for Winodws 7/ 8/ 10

download tubemate for PC

The Ultimate Guide to Use Tubemate for Pc

Everyone loves watching videos and Youtube is the only place, where you will found all the videos at a single place. Every second, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube. You can imagine how large the website is. In fact, all your entertainment, education and fun videos would be found on YouTube itself. Unfortunately, there are very less free video downloaders available that can help downloading videos from YT. Tubemate for PC is one such app that lets you do exactly same both on PC and your Android device. And Tubemate is an awesome app that lets you download videos directly from the YouTube in any quality you want. Yes I’m telling about the awesome Tubemate app. If you’re a movie freak, then you can even watch new movies on it or you can also use a software like get my popcorn. Tubemate for PC is somewhat similar as it helps in downloading YT videos easily on Android and Windows 7, 8, 10 PC.

Tubemate app is officially available for Android firmware. But I’m sorry to say that the availability of Tubemate for PC is not currently possible, but you can use it into your PCs by using Bluestacks or any other Android emulator. Using Tubemate you can easily download the Youtube videos from your device in any format.

download tubemate for PC

This article describes the complete tutorial and features of this app and how to make use of the Tubemate for PC under Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 versions. Tubemate is one of the most popular apps used for downloading Youtube videos due to its loving features as compared to the other apps. Let’s take a look at the main Tubemate features.

Features of Tubemate for PC

  • Tubemate provides a very easy navigation and user friendly interface.
  • Downloading videos through Tubemate is very simple and quite easy process.
  • It allows us to download videos in all supported formats Mp4, Avi, Flv etc.
  • You can also download audio version of your videos.
  • You can also pause and continue your downloading videos
  • You can also download videos into various qualities like 1080p, 720p, 360p given over there.
  • It divides a video into 2-6 parts at the time of downloading and after on completion it combines all the ports into a single, this process raise the speed to maximum possible.

In a nutshell, Tubemate for PC is a feature rich app that you must try on your Windows PC. There is an easy way to download and install tuebmate on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 PC.

tubemate for pc

How to get Tubemate for PC

Tubemate is an Android app and not available for pc is not available officially. But you can use Tubemate for PC into your Windows PCs using Bluestacks or any other Android Emulator. If you don’t own the Bluestacks then download it from the web, it is freely available on the web. In this tutorial, Bluestacks Android emulator is used for running Tubemate for PC. Steps for getting Tubemate into your PC are given below.

  • Open Bluestacks and click on Search Box.
  • Type Tubemate and click on ‘search it on Google play store’.
  • Click on the first items given in the list.
  • And click on Install option, it would take some time into installation.
  • On completion Click on ‘All apps’ option, and there you will find icon named ‘Tubemate’.

Keep in mind that instead of downloading Tubemate from play store, you can also download from the official website or from another site and if you do so then just double click on the .apk file you have downloaded and the installation will start. Tubemate for PC apk is also available for use. In case, if you have already downloaded videos on your android device, then we highly recommend using apps like Xender for Windows PC or SHAREit for Mac to transfer files to and from android to PC. Learn how to download tubemate for PC from the above guide. In case, if Bluestacks becomes unresponsive or giving you trouble, then you can use an alternatives like nox app player, andyroid or few others.

Steps for ‘How to Use Tubemate on PC?’

Actually, Tubemate for PC provide an easy navigation and first time users can also able to download videos from it without any difficulty. Follow the steps given below to use tubemate for PC through Bluestacks. Same steps can be used on other emulators as well. An alternative guide to install tubemate on PC is given by genisugeeks team.

  1. Open the Tubemate app into Bluestacks.
  2. Look out for
  3. And search for the video you wish to download
  4. Visit the video page and tap on the download button given at the top bar at the right side.
  5. Choose the quality and your download will start automatically, wait for the completion and enjoy watching.

Now you can use the Tubemate for PC and download all the videos of your choice within minutes. There is no limit of this application, but avoid dis-connectivity issues when then is something downloading into Tubemate, it may cause the download failure. Alternatively, you can also try popcorn time android app on your PC.

Have you managed to get tubemate for PC on your Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10 PC? If you are having any trouble then do let us know in the comment section and our team of experts will guide you through. Make sure to follow to get guides like tubemate for PC.

How to Install Popcorn Time for Android/ iOS [iPhone/ iPad/ iPod]

popcorn time

Popcorn Time App



Popcorn time is yet another entertainment app available for both Android and iOS platform. In fact, it is among the very popular app like Playbox HD or Cinemabox app. Of course, all of them works in a similar fashion. You can watch movies, TV shows, cartoons and other videos on the device. Since it was first available as a Windows software, it was quickly found a place in people’s heart. Popcorn time for Android and iPhone/ iPad is not available in Google play store and iTunes store due to its nature. However, you can easily get it through the installer. For android devices, you’d be expected to download .apk file while for iOS device, you’d be required to download ipsw file. iPhone and iPad owners can install it both on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

popcorn time

Popcorn Time for iOS – iPhone or iPad or iPod

Here is a precise tutorial to install Popcorn time for iOS, iPhone and IPAD. Popcorn time is one of the most pop ways to enjoy TV shows, videos, trailers and movies for free. Though it was a windows only program, it soon became available for all other popular platforms. After Mac, Android and Linux, most recently it is also available for iOS.  This post will enable you to get Popcorn Time on your apple devices without jail breaking as well on jailbroken devices. You can also install it on your PC – Windows and Mac as show in the post. Alternatively, you can also give a try to Showbox for PC app.

Popcorn Time is not available at iTunes store, Google Play store and Windows store. Hence you first need to get the installer package for your device. After installing the installer, you can download this wonderful popcorn time for Android and iPhone/ iPad on your device. After going through this article, you will be able to download Time4Popcorn on your apple devices. This app is among the very popular entertaining apps in line including MovieBox, PlayBox HD and others. Learn how to get popcorn time for iPad and iPhone from here but before that let’s go through features of popcorn time for Android, iPhone and iPad.

popcorn time for iphone and ipad

Features of Popcorn Time for Android, iPad, iPhone

We have also shared here the best features of Popcorn time for iPad, iPhone and Android OS version. It will be useful to you if you are unaware of Popcorn time. Features listed here will self-explain why it is the best entertaining app for iOS devices. Before we guide you how to install Popcorn on your iOS, iPhone and iPAD, here are its features at a glance.

  • Allows you to watch unlimited movies, trailers and TV shows for free.
  • Works well even with slow internet speed.
  • Extremely friendly user interface.
  • Database of movies and TV shows gets updated on daily basis to provide you with latest entertainment. With Popcorn Time, you will never run short of what to watch.
  • Videos can be installed in various formats like MP4, 3GP, MPG.
  • You will enjoy movies with best quality in HD, with subtitles and watched Eye icons. Latest version allows you to drag and drop subtitles (.srt files) on your player. I.e. you can drag and drop external subtitles to get them streamed on your popcorn time player.

Install Popcorn Time for iPhone/ iPad Without Jailbreak

Follow the steps and download Popcorn Time for iOS 9.3/9.2.1 and iOS 9.2/9.1/9/8.4 without Jailbreaking your iphone, iPAD and iPOD Touch.

  1. First of all you need to download the Popcorn time app on your Windows PC or Mac. After that you install it on your iOS device. Use below links to get it on your PC or laptop.


  1. Once you complete installing in your system, connect your iOS devices to your computers or laptop.
  2. You will get a pop up message on your screen. Click on Trust
  3. Now Enable or Turn On the Airplane Mode in your devices.
  4. You will get message on your iOS device as ‘Untrusted app developer to install app on your device’. Again click on Trust.
  5. It will take few moments for the app to get installed on your iOS device.
  6. You can now Turn Off the Airplane mode.
  7. Once installed completely, you can now use Popcorn Time on your devices.
  8. If you have problem with app after disabling Airplane mode, quit the app by double clicking the button of home screen and swiping up on the app.
  9. When you open it again, you will be able to access the full Popcorn Time library.

We will be updating latest features available over the time on Popcorn Time for iPhone and iPad iOS devices. Well if your iOS device is already jailbroken, you can use download it from Cydia store.

Popcorn Time for iPhone/ iPad [Jailbroken]

It’s quite easy to get Popcorn Time for iPad/ iPhone [Jailbroken iOS devices] from Cydia store. Just follow the below simple steps on your apple devices.

  1. Open up Cydia store on your iOS device.
  2. Find and click on Manager at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Click on Sources.
  4. Now you will see an Add button at the left corner (top). Give a single tap on the Add button.
  5. You will get a new box on your screen, add in this ox.
  6. Click on Add Source.

After completing all above steps successfully, you will have Popcorn Time on your devices. Our post is dedicated to help users to download Popcorn Time on iOS devices. All the below versions of iOS are supported by Popcorn Time for iOS.

  • iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3 and mini 4. Ipad Air 2 and Air 3.
  • iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 5S/5C and iPhone 4S
  • iOS versions without jailbreak – 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4, 8.4.1, iOS 9.3, 9.2.1. You can also include the upcoming version iOS 10.
  • iPod Touch – 5th and 6th based on versions of iOS 9, 9.2 or 9.3

We are sure our post serves you best information for installing Popcorn Time for iPhone/ iPad and any of your Android devices.

Popcorn Time for Android

Popcorn Time for Android

Previously, we covered a guide to get popcorn time for iPad/ iPhone and other iOS devices. You can also get the android version. Learn how to get popcorn time for Android apk file and install it.

Go and grab .apk file of popcorn time from here:

In case, if you do not know how to download popcorn time for Android apk, then we recommend getting UC Browser app to help you out. It comes with an inbuilt download manager. You can download any apk files through UC browser and then install it easily. Hopefully, you managed to grab popcorn time for android on your device. In case, if there is any issue then let us know and our expert team will guide you.

If you find any difficulty, you may use our comment feature. If you have successfully installed popcorn time for Android, iPhones or iPads, you can choose from tremendous varieties available to watch. Select the genre of your choice and watch anything from classic to latest movies! Till then keep reading blog for more guides and tutorials.

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